12 Hour
200 Km

About Tour

Sapanca is a district in the Sakarya province of Turkey. It's located about a 2-hour drive from Istanbul and is known for its natural beauty. Sapanca Lake is one of the main natural attractions in the region. You can enjoy walks around the lake, go cycling to appreciate the scenery, or even engage in water sports on the lake.

Sapanca is also famous for its lush greenery, mountain views, and clean air. You can go for nature hikes in the surrounding mountains, participate in trekking and mountaineering activities. Additionally, the Maşukiye area is renowned for its natural beauty and restaurants. You can take walks through verdant forests, breathe in fresh air, and savor dishes made from local produce.

Sapanca offers various accommodation options as well. You'll find hotels, guesthouses, and holiday villages among other types of lodging. Travelers often choose Sapanca for its serene atmosphere intertwined with nature.


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